‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Star Constance Wu Threw an Epic Twitter Tantrum


Pop Quiz: If you’re an actor lucky enough to land not only a long-running sitcom but also a starring role in a successful movie, what do you do?

Most people would be grateful. But Constance Wu decided to go in a different direction when her series Fresh Off the Boat was renewed.

Constance Wu

Was It Really That Bad?

In a word, yes! On Saturday, Constance Wu tweeted, “So upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh. F-.” She followed it up with additional tweets that contain so many curse words we can’t repeat them here. And she also responded with “Dislike” to the official announcement that her show had been renewed.

Most people are happy when they still have a job, especially in the entertainment industry. But Wu later clarified (read: did damage control) that she was just disappointed because she wouldn’t have time to work on another film project.

Her apology only made things worse. She repeatedly described working on Fresh Off the Boat as “easy,” which is just a wee bit condescending. She said that she wanted “artistic challenge over comfort and ease.”

How Could Constance Wu Have Handled It?

Some background info: With the television upfronts right around the corner, networks are cancelling low-performing programs left and right. This hasn’t been an easy year for a lot of actors–as well as crew members, writers, and directors–are out of a job this week.

From their perspective, someone like Constance Wu has nothing to complain about. She might be disappointed, but that feeling should be dealt with privately. In fact, if Wu had talked to her agent and her studio bosses about the scheduling conflict, it’s entirely possible that they would have worked with her to make sure their star could continue to rise.

Instead, Wu is likely to suffer the Katherine Heigl curse. She’s locked into her Fresh Off the Boat contract for another year, and after her tantrum, she can’t expect the showrunners to give her premium material. After that, Wu might find that the “difficult” label is tough to shake.

Gemma Chan Throws Some Shade

Gemma Chan was apparently not surprised by her former costar’s attitude. Chan didn’t say anything directly, but she clicked like on a tweet from journalist Yashar Ali that read: “Constance Wu’s conduct today comes as no surprise.”

Ouch! She later tweeted that it was an accident, and that “anyone looking for drama or beef, sorry to disappoint.”

Chan played Astrid in Crazy Rich Asians, the future sister-in-law of Wu’s character. Thanks in part to the success of CRA, she nabbed a featured role in Captain Marvel. But even though Chan claims that the like was accidental, we’re willing to bet that she wishes her own TV show, Humans, hadn’t been canceled last year.