Britney Spears Pleads with Judge to Release Her from Father’s Control, Says He Committed Her Against Her Will

Britney Spears | Instagram

Back in April, Britney Spears was checked into a mental health facility in Los Angeles. At the time, sources said she was distraught by her father’s illness; she’d already put her Las Vegas residency on hold as well.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears | Instagram

Now, Britney is claiming her father Jamie Spears actually had her committed without her consent. She also said she was forced to take certain drugs against her will.

It appears that she is now seeking to be free from the conservatorship held by her father. However, her requests for increased freedom were denied by a judge on Friday. Instead, an expert evaluation was ordered.


Echoing the sentiment of her supporters in the “Free Britney” movement, Spears made several claims against her father. For starters, during Friday’s hearing, she said her recent stint in rehab was not something she consented to.

The accusations made are reportedly part of a bid to end her 11-year conservatorship. Currently, Britney’s father has full control over her career, medical, and financial affairs. He has had such control ever since her hospitalization in 2008.

Britney, it seems, now wishes to end the existing legal arrangement. At her hearing, the pop star was also accompanied by her mother Lynne, who was reportedly seeking to obtain her daughter’s medical records.

Outside the courthouse, protestors were present to support Britney, many waving “Free Britney” posters.

Terms of the Conservatorship

According to the terms of the conservatorship agreement, Britney’s father does not have the power to have his daughter committed against her will. If her statements are true, the facility that committed her would have been breaking the law in doing so.

However, reports say the 37-year-old singer was “not doing well” and that she left the courtroom on Friday without shoes.

At the very least, it seems Britney is seeking to have her mother more involved with the conservatorship. It’s been alleged that Britney believes her mother may loosen the reigns, though her mother is not seeking co-conservatorship.