Madonna is back with a brand-new song released on May 10 in anticipation of her next album, Madame X. The new song, Crave, features Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee and was written by Madonna herself, as well as Starrrah.

Material Girl fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. A music video for Crave is expected to drop in the coming days. Next up, Future, featuring Quavo, will come out on May 17, while Dark Ballet will be released on June 7. Previous singles for the album include I Rise and Medellín.

Madonna’s New Album

The new album, produced by Madonna, Mirwais, Mike Dean, and Diplo, is influenced by Latin music and will feature Madonna singing in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

As usual, the 60-year-old Queen of Pop pushes boundaries with this daring new release, which certainly explains how she always manages to stay on the cutting edge.

Inspired by living in Lisbon, Spain, the statement album has uniquely Spanish undertones throughout. Of course, there’s also a very experimental vibe, as we’re often used to hearing from the pop superstar.

It’s clear she’s uncompromising in her vision and unconcerned with whether or not she tops the charts. Of course, it’s those risk-taking tendencies that have resulted in some of her most eccentric tracks.

Madame X is Madonna’s 14th full studio album release to date.

Madame X Tour

After the new singles comes the “Madame X Tour,” which will feature residencies at intimate venues in New York, Chicago, Paris, Las Vegas, Lisbon, London, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston, and Miami.

The tour begins on September 12 with a 17-show run in Brooklyn at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House. Following that, she’ll be at the Chicago Theatre in Illinois from October 15-24 before hitting Las Vegas for three nights in November.

Madge – or should we say Madame X – recently performed her single Medellín at the Billboard Music Awards. And the striking visuals employed for the ceremony certainly have us wondering what we can expect from the tour. Will it, too, include holograms?

Only time will tell for those who manage to procure tickets. Of course, with Madonna being the all-time best-selling female touring artist in the world, getting tickets may be easier said than done.