Britney Spears: We Are -Really- Starting to Worry About Her


If there’s one celebrity I’d most like to give a cup of hot cocoa and a nice comfy chair, it’s Britney Spears. The girl deserves to enjoy the rest of her life out of the spotlight if that’s what she wants to do. #FreeBritney!

Britney Spears

Why Are We Worried?

To recap: Britney’s dad suffered major health problems late last year, which continued into 2019. While he was in the hospital, Britney’s co-conservator and lawyer, Andrew Wallet, abruptly quit, leaving Jamie Spears as his daughter’s sole legal guardian.

Last month, Britney put her next Vegas residency on hold in order to enter an in-patient treatment facility. She needed some “me time,” and most of her fans–and general gossip addicts like us–felt like she had earned it.

The Return of Sam Lufti

On April 23, Britney posted a long message on Instagram about Sam Lufti. Specifically, about how her sleazy ex-manager/boyfriend/manipulator had created fake email accounts to send messages out as Britney. These messages muddied the waters about her mental and physical health, creating even more rumors.

Lufti also allegedly started harassing Britney and her mom soon after she checked out of the treatment facility. That harassment included the threat of blackmail!

According to the temporary restraining order filed on Britney’s behalf, Lufti threatened to release “photos and other damaging material” if she wouldn’t take him back as her manager.

Britney’s family reportedly believes that Lufti was a big reason why she had that epic meltdown. It’s possible that, sensing her vulnerability now, he decided to try manipulating her again. He reportedly wrote to Lynne Spears as well, trying to convince her to stage some kind of coup over Britney’s management.

Is Britney in Dire Straits?

What’s even stranger is that Lynne Spears did file papers to insist on being involved in Britney’s ongoing care. According to those court documents, BritBrit is in “dire” shape after leaving the mental health facility.

An anonymous source told TMZ, “Britney is making bad decisions and it’s a problem.”

Britney has been under a permanent conservatorship since 2008. With Andrew Wallet out of the picture, only her ailing father is left in charge. Lynne Spears claims that she just wants to stay informed about her daughter’s treatment.

“There’s no battle between Jamie and Lynne,” another anonymous source told People. “Lynne has always been filled in by Jamie and is now just making it official.”

We’ll find out more on Friday, May 10, when the conservatorship status hearing is set to take place. In the meantime, the hashtag #FreeBritney continues to pick up steam. Miley Cyrus shouted it onstage during a concert in Memphis over the weekend.