Unpopular Opinion: It’s Time for James Bond to Retire


In one form or another, James Bond has been around since 1953. With Bond 25 on the horizon, maybe it’s time to finally let the super-spy enjoy his retirement.

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Daniel Craig Hates James Bond

Ever since the first time Daniel Craig put on the iconic tux in Casino Royale (2006), there have been rumors that he hated the role and the press frenzy that came with it. In fact, he once told reporters, “I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists” than play Bond again.

Somehow, they convinced Craig to come back 4 more times! He insists that this one is his last–and we think it should be the last Bond movie, too.

James Bond 25 Cast and Rumors

We don’t know much about James Bond 25 yet, including the official title. (Hopefully, it’ll make more sense than Quantum of Solace!) It’s directed by Cary Fukunaga, who helmed the super-successful IT movies. Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, and Ben Whishaw will all return, along with Jeffery Wright and Rory Kinnear.

Rami Malek, fresh off his Oscar win for Bohemian Rhapsody, will be playing the villain. We’re more excited about that casting than anything else–Malek is a talent to watch, and we can’t wait to see him take a darker turn.

The only other detail we know is that James Bond will be chilling in Jamaica at the beginning of the movie. He’s not on active service; in fact, he’s done with the spy game entirely. He gets pulled back in by his old buddy Felix Leiter (Jeffery Wright) to stop the villain and save the day.

Should They Kill Him Off?

We’ve seen this kind of story before, where an old pro gets roped in for one last job. As action heroes like Daniel Craig or Bruce Willis age, studios have to explain why someone in his 50s or 60s is still running around the world foiling terrorists. And from a storytelling perspective, it’s understandable that a character like James Bond would struggle with retirement after living such an adventurous life.

That’s why we think they should kill off his character. End the franchise once and for all. There are no new James Bond stories to tell. Unless–and this is even more radical–the producers decide to cast a woman in the role next.

Daniel Craig endorsed the idea that the next Bond should be Jane, not James. The idea has already sparked controversy with die-hard fans, but it might be the only way to revitalize the franchise. At least we probably wouldn’t see Jane Bond fall for a beautiful young ingenue who ends up getting killed off in the movie’s third act. Again.