Would You See NSYNC in Concert Without Justin?

NSYNC–minus Justin Timberlake–recently appeared alongside Ariana Grande during her set at Coachella. It’s rumored that the band is seriously considering an NSYNC reunion tour. But is it a good idea?

Is NSYNC Still NYSNC Without Justin?

The real question is whether people want to shell out their hard-earned money to see JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone perform their greatest hits.

If you watched The Masked Singer, then you know that Joey still has the pipes and the moves to put on a good show. Lance Bass most recently made headlines when he got mad about losing out on buying The Brady Bunch house, but he can probably still sing.

Would They Replace Him?

When the Spice Girls announced they were touring with Posh, fans were disappointed but not devastated. Although she’s an icon, Posh didn’t actually contribute that much in terms of her actual performance. (Posh can’t sing. Yeah, I said it!)

But NSYNC without Justin Timberlake is another story. Not quite as extreme as Queen or Journey replacing their lead singers with sound-alikes, but his absence will be obvious.

Nostalgia Sells

Live Nation VP of touring Brad Wavra thinks the idea of an NSYNC reunion makes sense. Or at least that it would sell tickets. “The four of them would be great… There’s no denying the talent that Justin has, but the four of them together proved it [at Coachella]: the music sounded great, they looked great, the fan response was awesome and I think that that would be the same all across America.”

If that happens, the band has a few options. They could go on a traditional multi-city tour with a supporting act. Or they could see if any other 90s pop acts want to team up for a mega-tour. Finally, they could go the Vegas residency route.

No matter what they do, it’ll be without their most famous member.

Unpopular Opinion: They’re Actually Better as a Foursome

Here’s my take–NSYNC would actually be better as a quartet. Justin became a breakout mega-star after 2002’s Justified launched his solo career. But the other boys have remained friends and have great chemistry. They also don’t take themselves too seriously, unlike some people.

I think they might have even better chemistry now without Justin’s ego in the mix. They sounded great at Coachella with Ariana, and they delivered a high-energy performance that made the crowd absolutely freak out.

My advice–because I’m sure they’re reading this right now–is to start with a short-term Vegas residency and then go on an arena tour with at least one other major 90s act. That plan has worked really well for the Backstreet Boys. There’s no reason an NSYNC reunion won’t be just as successful–even without Justin.