Kim Kardashian Could Be a Lawyer Soon


We live in a funny old world, don’t we? The latest news from LaLa Land is that Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer. Not only that, but she reportedly crushed her first exam!

Kim Kardashian Lawyer

“First Step” Advocacy

At 38, Kim Kardashian has gotten interested in law and criminal justice. Last year, she advocated for Alice Marie Johnson, a drug offender sentenced to life in prison, to have her sentence commuted.

She’s been working with a criminal justice reform group, alongside Van Jones of CNN. The group scored a major victory by convincing Congress to pass the “First Step” act to help other non-violent offenders transition successfully to normal life.

O.J. Simpson Trial

Kim’s father was the late Robert Kardashian, who famously defended O.J. Simpson during his murder trial in 1994. She told People Magazine that she was interested in the case back then (she would have been about 14 at the time):

“On the weekends they used our home as an office, with Johnnie Cochran and Bob Shapiro,” she said. “My dad had a library, and when you pushed on this wall there was this whole hidden closet room, with all of his O.J. evidence books. On weekends I would always snoop and look through. I was really nosy about the forensics.”

Reading the Law

To be clear, Kim isn’t actually attending law school right now. In fact, she never graduated from college. Instead, she’s “reading the law”–an alternative route to becoming a lawyer that involves private study and apprenticeship.

For her first year, she’ll have to study torts, contracts, and criminal law. If she passes an exam that’s known as the “baby bar,” she’ll get the go-ahead to continue studying for another 3 years. At the end of that period, she can choose to take the full bar exam and become a bona fide lawyer!

Studying Hard

So far, it’s going well. She told People, “To me, torts is the most confusing, contracts the most boring, and crim law I can do in my sleep. Took my first test, I got a 100. Super easy for me.” The program requires a minimum commitment of 18 hours a week, and Kim confessed that she’s been spending her days studying.

She tweeted yesterday that she’d “aced” her torts exam. That’s one of three subjects that she’s tackling in her first year of law studies. A tort is an act where someone hurts some else–that covers theft, fraud, assault, libel, and a lot more.

In addition to posting sexy selfies and promotions for her family’s reality TV show, Kim has been showing off her study materials. She posted a snap of her binder and flash cards, the notes copied out in neat, rounded handwriting that looks like it’s straight out of a teenager’s diary.

Create Your Own Lanes

The biggest question is why Kim Kardashian–who is one of the most famous and wealthy celebrities on the planet–is studying to become a lawyer. She told her millions of Instagram followers that “I have made this strict commitment to follow a dream of mine – It’s never too late to follow your dreams.”

She also clapped back at critics who told her to “stay in her lane.” Kim wrote, “I want people to understand that there is nothing that should limit your pursuit of your dreams, and the accomplishment of new goals. You can create your own lanes, just as I am.”

Honestly, it’s inspiring! I would love for the next phase of Kim Kardashian’s life to be focused on criminal justice reform. As she told Vogue last year, “I just felt like the system could be so different, and I wanted to fight to fix it, and if I knew more, I could do more.”