Everything You Need to Know About the British Royals Scandal

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Now that it’s on the front page of the American tabloids, everybody is dishing about the alleged scandal involving Prince William and Duchess Kate.

Duchess Kate
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Drama with the ‘Turnip Toffs’

It started with the slightest of rumors. A few weeks ago, The Sun (a UK tabloid) published a story about the rift between former BFFs  Duchess Kate and Lady Rose.

William and Kate live at Amner Hall, an estate in rural Norfolk about an hour from London. Their neighbors are the Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley–that’s pronounced “chumley” in England, by the way–who live just down the road at Houghton Hall.

Lady Rose, a former model in her late 30s, is more than 20 years younger than her husband. She also looks a lot like Duchess Kate.

Until recently, Duchess Kate and Lady Rose seemed to be good friends. Their young children played together. They went to the same parties. They were both at the head of the fashionable, aristocratic group of thirty-somethings that flocked to the countryside after William and Kate moved out there. The UK press dubbed these rustic royals “Turnip Toffs,” and the name stuck.

The Falling Out

At first, the rumor was that Kate was upset because Rose hosted a lavish gala for EACH, a children’s charity that Kate patronizes. The press speculated that Kate preferred to keep the spotlight for herself.

Initially, the story was that William tried to heal the rift between the two ladies. They’re neighbors, after all, and it would be impossible to avoid each other at society parties. The UK press hinted that Meghan had alienated Harry from his brother and the Turnip Toffs as well.

A Scandal Boils Over

Despite the Royal Family’s best efforts, the story about Kate, Rose, and William just wouldn’t go away. Well-connected British gossip-hound Giles Coren tweeted (and later deleted) that the rift was because of something much more serious than jealousy over a charity gala.

Now, tabloids are reporting that William had an affair with Rose. Allegedly, this affair happened while Kate was pregnant with baby Prince Louis in 2018. One source even claimed that William and Rose had briefly dated before they married other people, and that he considers her “the one who got away.”

If true, it casts the rift between William and Harry in a different light. It’s possible that Harry is upset with his brother for having an affair–in other words, doing to Kate exactly what Prince Charles did to Diana.

Of course, this is all just speculation. It’s unlikely that we’ll get a confirmation from Kensington Palace or a statement from the Cholmondeleys. For now, it’s a rumor. One that doesn’t seem to be going away.