Splitsville! Celebrity Romances That Fizzled in 2019


Which celebrity romances failed to make it through the first quarter of 2019? From Nicolas Cage to Lady Gaga, these are the biggest celebrity breakups of the year so far.

celebrity breakups

Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike

On Wednesday, the 55-year-old National Treasure actor (and legit national treasure) filed for an annulment of his 4th marriage. He and his soon-to-be-never-wife Erika Koike tied the knot in Vegas just 4 days beforehand! Koike, a makeup artist, joins Alice Kim, Priscilla Pressley, and Patricia Arquette among the ex-Mrs. Cages.

Adriana Lima and Metin Hara

The retired Victoria’s Secret model seemed to have settled down with author Metin Hara, but their love story wasn’t meant to have a happy ending. The pair split in January after 18 months of dating.

Joel Kinnaman and Cleo Wattenström

Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad) married tattoo artist Cleo Wattenström in 2016. Sadly, we won’t be enjoying the heavily tattooed beauty’s appearances on Kinnaman’s red carpets anymore. The couple divorced in January of this year.

Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q

This was one staggeringly gorgeous couple. Too bad they couldn’t make it work. Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q met on the set of Stalker in 2014. They were engaged for 4 years but never made it down the aisle. Earlier this March, they announced that they’d broken up.

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Frankly, we’re relieved that these two finally put an end to their romance. They were never a good fit, and after multiple cheating scandals, Khloé is officially single. It seems like cheating with her little sister’s best friend was finally too much.

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor

Did you know that Ryan Seacrest was in a relationship with a personal chef for 3 years? I certainly didn’t. This was actually the couple’s 2nd shot at love–they were together in 2013, broke up, and then reunited in 2016. Now it seems that they’re done for good.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

In case you missed it, Emma Roberts and on-again, off-again fiance Evan Peters called it quits for good last week. They were together for 7 years. It appears that Emma has already moved on with actor Garrett Hedlund.

Lady Gaga and Christian Carino

Poor Gaga. It’s been a tough year. She had to settle for a Best Original Song Oscar when she really wanted that Best Actress statuette. And she split up with her fiance, talent agent Christian Carino, in February. Rumor has it that she’s been leaning on her good friend Jeremy Renner for comfort.