Did Emma Roberts Trade in Her Fiance for an Upgrade?


Emma Roberts–Julia’s niece and sometime-star of American Horror Story–has earned multiple headlines over the years for her complicated love life. Now, she seems to have dumped her fiance, Evan Peters, for Garrett Hedlund.

Emma Roberts

Emma and Evan’s Rollercoaster Relationship

Emma and Evan dated off and on for 7 years, after meeting while filming a movie called Adult World. The pair later worked together on the set of American Horror Story, and they gushed on social media about how much they loved the experience.

The couple broke up and reconciled multiple times over the years. They called off their long engagement at least once, with a major break in 2015. But soon enough Emma and Evan were spotted together again.

Sketchy History

Their romance became a real-life horror story when Emma was arrested for domestic violence in 2013. Law enforcement arrived at Emma and Evan’s hotel room in Montreal after other guests reported a disturbance.

Evan allegedly had a bloody nose as well as a bite wound. Emma ended up being released without charges, and the couple issued a joint statement that it had all been a misunderstanding.

During an “off” period in their on-again, off-again relationship, Emma was implicated in the split between Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christiansen. In 2017, Rachel and Hayden’s 9-year relationship imploded amid rumors that he had been texting a certain younger costar.

Apparently, Rachel discovered texts between her partner and Emma–and they were bad enough to make Rachel pack up and leave.

Moving On Already?

Maybe this time Emma and Evan’s breakup will finally stick. It seems like Emma, at least, has already moved on. Although an anonymous source told E! News that she and Evan are “definitely taking space from each other right now,” neither actor has issued an official statement.

That might change now that Emma has been snapped on what appears to be a date with hunky Triple Frontier star Garrett Hedlund. According to a source close to the actress, “Emma is not one to rush into things and is seeing how things pan out.”

Garrett previously dated Kirsten Dunst for 4 years. Kirsten is now engaged to her Fargo costar Jesse Plemmons, and the pair welcomed a baby boy last year.

While it’s great for us gossip hounds that everyone in Hollywood dates each other, maybe these folks should try finding a partner out of the spotlight?