Colton Underwood: ‘Bachelor’ Disaster or Reality TV Gold?


Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor has been a total mess. But a deliciously entertaining mess!

Although the most infamous moment in the season is Colton literally jumping over a fence to escape an awkward moment, the season has seen more than its share of drama.

Colton Underwood

4 Women Quit the Show

Never before have so many women walked off the set of The Bachelor. Usually, no more than 2 people quit every season. Until now, the most tempestuous season belonged to Bachelorette Ashley Hebert, who saw three men desert her before the end.

Over the course of this season, however, Elyse, Sydney, Heather, and now Cassie decided to make their exits. Most of them felt like they weren’t going to get serious with Colton. And Cassie just straight-up broke his heart.

Colton Jumps the Fence

When Colton told Cassie that he was in love with her, she put him down as easy as she could. After talking with her dad, Cassie realized that although she cared about Colton, she wasn’t in love with him. And even worse, Cassie didn’t think that she would ever feel that way.

A heartbroken Colton ripped off his mic, saying he was “done.” He jumped over the garden fence–not an easy feat–and disappeared into the night. Does he realize that this isn’t The Titan Games?

They Almost Called the Cops

The production team had no idea what was happening at that point. They called Chris Harrison, who was nearby, to help them find their wayward virgin.

“After a few minutes, I quickly realized we lost the Bachelor. Like we don’t know where he is at all, and we’re yelling and we’re running around, I thought I heard him, I thought I heard some dogs, so I’m sprinting down the street, and I’m yelling his name like a lunatic,” Chris told E! News.

“And then I’m calling back to the United States, like, guys, what are your thoughts? I’m like, at some point, we have to call the authorities. We decided we were going to give it about five more minutes and we were going to call the cops.”

What Will Happen in the Finale?

At this point, the finale can only be a letdown. Colton fell hard for Cassie, so any woman he picks will know that she’s his second choice.

Unless Cassie returns, expect to see Colton decide to stay single rather than propose to another woman.