Up is down. Right is left. Cats and dogs, living together! Kate Beckinsale is (maybe) dating Pete Davidson, and the world is (probably) coming to an end.

Kate Beckinsale

Here’s What We Know

On Friday, the unlikely pair exited the Largo at the Coronet holding hands. Kate was there to watch Pete’s comedy set–and quite possibly to support her new boo.

She reportedly rushed backstage after his set (which included at least one joke about Ariana Grande and the alleged size of his package) to be with him. Afterward, they hurried hand-in-hand to a waiting car and then to his hotel.

How Would They Even Meet?

Kate Beckinsale is British, 45 years old, divorced, and shares a 20-year-old daughter with her former partner, Michael Sheen. Pete is American, 25 years old, and just ended a whirlwind romance with mega-star Ariana Grande. What could these two possibly have to talk about?

Whatever the attraction, they seemed to meet at a Golden Globes after-party. Bystanders claimed that the pair flirted all night, wandered outside on the patio together, and left around the same time. Pete ditched his date for the evening, best bro Machine Gun Kelly, to spend time with Kate, and I guess they hit it off.

Maybe It’s His Sense of Humor?

Kate seems to have a thing for younger men these days. She might be in her mid-40s, but she looks as ageless as the vampire she plays on the big screen. In 2017, she began dating a 21-year-old comedian named Matt Rife.

A source told Us Weekly that Kate digs Pete because “he’s exactly her type.” And what is that type? “[S]he likes young guys who make her laugh.”

Good Luck, Kate and Pete

There you have it! Kate’s romantic history is a little bit messy. When she met her (now ex) husband Len Wiseman on the set of Underworld in 2003, she seemed to still be with her long-term partner Michael Sheen. Wiseman was married when he met his leading lady, and his wife at the time branded Kate a homewrecker.

Hooking up with Pete so soon after his split from Ariana–not to mention his meltdown–seems like a risky move. Honestly, though, they’re both adults and can make their own decisions. We might raise an eyebrow at the age difference or speculate how Pete keeps dating such gorgeous, talented women.

If it’s just a fling, then best wishes to them both! But we live in a crazy, unpredictable world, and at this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if these two lovebirds eloped to Las Vegas next weekend.