The Latest ‘Captian Marvel’ Trailer Is Everything We Ever Wanted


The second trailer for Captain Marvel starts off with an extended clip of Carol Danvers punching that old lady on the bus, and it just gets better from there. March 2019 can’t get here fast enough!

Captain Marvel

More of the Mystery Revealed

Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury—who is digitally de-aged for the film, which is set in the 90s—helpfully provides a voiceover during the first part of the trailer. He gives the absolute bare-bones outline of the comic book character’s complicated history. Skrulls—like the old lady Captain Marvel demolishes on a city bus—are the bad guys. Carol Danvers is, as far as she knows, a Kree. The alien race are “noble warrior heroes,” Carol is quick to clarify.

We see Annette Benning explain how the Kree found Carol Danvers, apparently suffering from amnesia, and turned her into one of them. She’s pumped full of green blood and her mind is wiped. But fragments of her memories remain, and it seems like the movie will focus on Carol figuring out who she used to be on Earth.

The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Week

Sure, there are space battles and incredible special effects. We get a glimpse of Jude Law and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Crazy Rich Asians star Gemma Chan as a Kree warrior. And was that Agenct Coulson? The gang’s all here! But none of that matters, really, The only thing you need to see is Nick Fury losing his dang mind over a cat.

After the heavy drama of the trailer, Nick cooing over the handsome ginger tabby is a welcome scoop of humor. He better watch out, though—fans of the comics can tell you that Chewy the cat is much more than he seems!

Lead-In for ‘Infinity War’

At the end of the most recent Avengers movie, Nick Fury desperately paged Captain Marvel after “the snap” wiped out half the universe. We can guess that she’ll be teaming up with the remaining Avengers to right wrongs and defeat Thanos once and for all in the final installment of Infinity War.

The standalone Captain Marvel movie drops just a few months before Infinity War, so it’ll serve as a prequel of sorts for the epic Avengers finale. Are you excited for the latest Marvel movie, or are you feeling superhero fatigue? Let us know in the comments!